Ink & Paper for Procreate

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Created by luma_llama, Ink & Paper will unlock your ability to draw with the look and feel of real ink on paper.

In this pack you'll get 16 high-quality ink brushes in Procreate (.brushset) format and 10 detailed seamless paper texture overlays in Procreate (.procreate) format.

Compatible with Procreate 5+

Realistic Ink Brush Effects

These ink brushes take full advantage of the powerful features in the Procreate brush engine giving you things like realistic edge bleed and blend effects.

Whether you are trying to replicate an old dodgy ink pen, a large elegant ink brush or anything in-between, this pack has you covered.

Includes ink wash brushes for blending, filling in shapes and shading.

A Few Brush Examples

Seamless Paper Texture Overlays

The high-quality paper textures included come layered in a way that makes your art look like it was actually drawn on paper and not just sitting on top of it. See the paper texture come to life through your paint strokes!

Designed with versatility in mind, these textures are seamless meaning you can tile them and work with any canvas size you'd like.

The project files and layers are all set up and labeled for you at 2750 x 3500 resolution so you can import them and start creating right away on a large canvas optimized for the iPad screen.

16 Brushes & 10 Paper Textures Included

100% Guaranteed

If you aren't satisfied with your purchase, simply contact me and I'll issue you a refund - no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download my brushes and textures?

You will receive an email from Gumroad with your receipt and a link to download the brush pack and paper textures.

How do I install the brushes in Procreate?

Step 1. Click on the .brushset file from the Gumroad receipt email on your iPad or iPhone.

Step 2. Open the file and choose "Copy to Procreate" which will install the brushset automatically.

Alternatively, you can import the brush set directly in Procreate, or follow this guide.

How do I install the paper textures in Procreate?

Option 1 - Unzip and extract the files on your Mac or PC and upload to iCloud. From the Gallery page in Procreate, choose "Import" at the top right. Click on your desired paper texture and it will open it in a new project with all the layers set up for you.

Option 2 - Click the "LL - Paper" file on your iPad and allow it to download. Open the Files app and tap the zipped file to unzip it. This will create a new file within your Downloads folder. From the Gallery page in Procreate, choose "Import" at the top right and find the unzipped files. Click on your desired paper texture and it will open it in a new project with all the layers set up for you.

What should I do if I have issues with payment or accessing my brushes?

For help with downloads, payment issues, policy questions, and questions about navigating the Gumroad platform, you should email

My brushes aren't working/installing!

It's important to check which Procreate version you are running. My brushes are only compatible with Procreate 5 and up. If it's still not installing correctly, please re-download the file from Gumroad and try again.

Will these brushes work with Photoshop?

These brushes are ONLY compatible with Procreate, and will not work with Photoshop or any other program.

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